Children's Books About Honesty & Integrity (Virtues Unit Study

Children's Picture Books & Elementary Chapter Books about Honesty & Integrity [Large Group]

10 Picture Books About Friendship

10 Picture Books About Friendship. These are all well -loved in our house. Really sweet stories reaffirming messages about friendship.

Facts and Phases of the Moon-Learning about the Moon: Volume 2 (A Children's Picture Book about Space).

How to Write the First Draft of a Picture Book

Publish books created for my nonprofit - How to Write a Children's Picture Book by Darcy Pattison

Children's Books about Empathy and Compassion

These children's picture books can help to teach empathy, understanding and entitlement to children. These books may be suitable for all year levels depending on children's developmental stages and the topic/difficulty of the book.

Lost and Found. For EYFS/KS1

Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door. so begins the magical adventure of the boy and the penguin as they travel all the way to the South Pole, looking for home and discovering friendship.

“The Hen’s Walk:” An Easy Reader for Kids to Make Based On Rosie’s Walk!

Amazing outdoor book nooks and top 50 books about nature

Teach kids more about the moon with this children's picture book. They will learn different facts of the moon and the 8 different phases of the moon. Great as a bedtime story to teach kids more about .

A free set of 16 bingo cards and a caller's card set to download - themed around children's picture books. Perfect for World Book Day or Children's Book Week

The best winter books for children

The best winter books for children, top winter picture books for kids. Winter themed reading list for children.

Children's Books about Empathy and Compassion

Children's picture books to teach empathy, understanding and entitlement to kids. Last Stop on Market Street is one of my favourite EVER picture books.

Favourite Snowflake Books

To get Adam in the mood for snow we have been reading snowflake related books. Here are five of our favourite snowflake books for preschoolers.

17 Picture Books About Kindness

Teach Your Child To Read - 16 excellent childrens picture books about kindness - Teach Your Child To Read