Bar Ama | 118 West 4th Street, LA, CA 90013 | Check out the "Baco Pop" homemade soda pops (orange-juniper-ginger flavored)

Bar Ama, DTLA West Street) - guacamole and cocktails, Super Nacho happy hour                 Lucero

From Mariachi music, to Whitney Houston and all the music you listen to when we were young you played loud to sing with us and karaoke at home. You brought music and fun into our lives.

Deep South Dish: Authentic Mexican Shredded Beef Tacos

Mexican Shredded Beef

Authentic Mexican Shredded Beef Tacos - (Slow Cooker add 3 cups of water with seasonings). Shredded beef tacos are terrific. This recipe sounds a lot like mine - and you can use a crockpot.

This may be my favorite Hey Girl ever. Combines a great quote, Ryan Gosling, and hips.