Pralines and Cream Dream Dessert from …This dessert is so easy to make and the flavor is amazing! It really is the perfect fall dessert!

Pralines and Cream Dream Dessert

Pralines and Cream Dream Dessert.This dessert is so easy to m ake and the flavor is amazing! A perfect fall dessert!

Princess Pie (Coconut Cream Pie)

Princess Pie (Coconut Cream Pie)

Oh my, lookie at this! Princess Pie - (Coconut Cream Pie Dessert) --- This pan dessert features a homemade crust, cream cheese layer, instant coconut pie layer, and finished off with whipped topping and toasted coconut (opt).

Texas Delight (Four Layered Dessert)

Mom’s Texas Delight Ingredients: 1 cup all-purpose flour ½ cup finely chopped pecans ½ cup butter or margarine, melted 1 ounce) package cream cheese, room temperature 1 cup confectioners’ sugar

Fudge-Filled Sandies Recipe from Taste of Home

Fudge-Filled Sandies

Fudge-Filled Sandies Recipe -I dream of one day owning a cookie shop. Until then, I'll delight friends and family with my homemade concoctions. These cookies are like pecan sandies, but I've added a touch of delicious chocolate.

Pecan Praline Cheesecake

Pecan Praline Cheesecake

Pecan Praline Cheesecake Pecan Praline Cheesecake is THE cheesecake for pecan lovers. The crust is made from crushed Pecan Sandies cookies and dark brown sugar easys

Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight  I would just change the cookie dough to pecan sandies chopped up with a little butter and put that in the bottom on the pan

Pinner says: Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight Recipe. The only dessert recipe you will ever need for any potluck. Trust me. It is like heaven. Chocolate cookie dough, whipped cream, chocolate pudding layer and cream cheese layer. Super easy too!

Pecan Sandies | These festive Christmas cookie recipes will be the perfect way to spread your holiday cheer. If you love a good Christmas cookie, we bet you'll be filling decorative cookie tins, boxes, and jars with one of each of these Christmas cookie recipes as gifts throughout the holidays. These recipes are mouthwatering takes on the holiday cookie, one of our favorite holiday desserts, creating new ways to partner cool milk and warm delight in a tasty treat.

Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Choco-Cherry Double Delights

Easy Pecan Sandies

Claudia Fleming's pecan sandies/Smitten Kitchen

I have a lot of “things” — like the one about not liking warm, oozy chocolate desserts, sugar rimmed drinks or those…

4 Layer Chocolate Delight Recipe - Circle of Moms

Ingredients: 1 Lg Instant Choc Pudding 1 Lg cool-whip 1 pkg creme cheese(leave out to soften) 1 pkg pecan sandies or short-bread cookies

Chocolate Pecan Sandies

Chocolate Pecan Sandies - These are cute little round cookies that are white on the outside and chocolate on the inside.