4 basic food groups - agreed! :) | Valentines Day Chocolate Quote Painting by bonjourfrenchie, $30.00

There are 4 basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate truffles.

The secret ingredient is always chocolate

Chocolade is supergoed voor je hart

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Sixtrees | Could Give Up Chocolate Sign

It's not my fault!!!! :-P

I am so not addicted to chocolate. I can go for days without buying or eating chocolate. And chocolate chip cookies do not count as chocolate! However, the lack of chocolate doesnt stop me dreaming about chocolate.

"Happiness is...an unexpected piece of chocolate" quote via www.LastLemon.com

"Happiness is.an unexpected piece of chocolate" - get your free chocolate in any of our Butlers Chocolate Cafés

Chocolate understands, Nauvoo LDS Mormon Quote Art

Chocolate understands, Nauvoo LDS Mormon Quote Art