Chris Hemsworth - because this picture needs to be pinned....

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Chris Hemsworth Shirtless - The Mighty Thor - Perfect Body ---- Sexy Guys: Wow Chris Hemsworth sure knows how to please the crowds. He's very pleasing to my eye

Muscular: Chris resides in the coastal town of Byron Bay

Chris Hemsworth and his friends reveal their bloodied surfing injuries

Muse for Harley - Men Of Ocean Beach series by Emma James, Model : Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, mens style, Black suit, black bat-wing bow tie Muse for Harley - Men Of Ocean Beach series by Emma James, Model : Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

I usually don't like guys with long hair, but hot damn Chris Hemsworth! He was heck of fine in Thor. Man, I guess good genes run in the family since his brother, Liam Hemsworth is good looking too.

At a mere 32, Chris Hemsworth has checked all the movie-star boxes. Photograph by Bruce Weber.

Chris Hemsworth’s Vanity Fair Cover Shoot

Red Rising Fantasy Casting

Red Rising Fantasy Casting

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth - inspiration for Owen 'Sully' Sullivan in the Whiskey Creek Series (future hero of book 2 - Made for You)

E não foi o Ryan Gosling, MAIS UMA VEZ! Ryan está para a People, assim como o Leonardo di Caprio está para o Oscar (não sei se dei uma de Seu Madruga, mas vocês entenderam a comparação, né), sempre indicado, aguardado, mas chega na hora h, não vence! Mas vamos observar o grande vencedor deste …


Sexiest Man Alive Chris Hemsworth: "I Learned to Be Sexy from Matt Damon." Sexy and a sense of humor.that is HOT

Chris Hemsworth rocking those pecs


Thor - Chris Hemsworth, if I cant marry you or your brother then please be hiding your secret 14 yearold son somewhere xx

The Least Dateable Superheroes

this Thor costume was used in all the films involving Thor including the avengers film which was released in Thor costume is being worn by an actor(Chris Hemsworth)