This year we made a handprint snowman picture instead of placing it on an ornament. Start with a plain white handprint & then decorate it as you please. You could add scarves, mittens, buttons, earmuffs, hats, and so on. I modified this Christmas handprint snowman poem a little bit to make it usable anytime instead …

Handprint Snowman with Poem

Handprint Snowman with poem. This website has adorable handprint/footprint art ideas. Use poem with snowman handprint ornament:)

{Gift Giving} Hand Print Pottery

Skunkboy Creatures ornaments - the whole gang! Christmas Tree Handprint Plate handprints Handprint Christmas Wreath - You know Grandmas will.

Salt Dough Ornaments for Christmas - Hand Print Grinch

The Grinch Hand Print Keepsake Ornament

DIY Christmas Hand Print and Foot Print Art - The Perfect DIY

DIY Christmas Hand Print and Foot Print Art

Homemade Christmas cards done by hand can make Christmas more traditional. While most people display their generic store-bought Christmas cards, yours will be sure to stand out. Here is a list of some creative homemade Christmas cards we’ve found.

DIY Christmas Hand Print and Foot Print Art - #DIY

DIY Christmas Hand Print and Foot Print Art

the third boob: diy: christmas hand print pot holders

this christmas, i wanted to come up with a cute handmade gift for the boys to give to family. these hand print pot holders were prett.

Make something memorable that will remind you of how very small they are. All you need is a hand (or foot) from your baby.

10 Ways to Create Holiday Art with Your Baby’s Hand and Footprints