Draw a city skyline

It may look daunting, but cityscapes are actually quite easy to draw! Find out how to draw a city skyline with simple shapes and forms 3 ways on Craftsy! (How To Drawing Step)

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••the great graphic style of ranganath krishnamani (Bangalore, India): Lucknow city•• 2016-02-11 graphics for client "One Awad Center" (shopping) • typography mimics calligraphic Urdu script • official pages: https://www.flickr.com/photos/24929159@N07 http://rkrishnamani.tumblr.com https://www.pinterest.com/liquidink https://www.facebook.com/ranganath.krishnamani https://instagram.com/liquid_ink

Lucknow has always been the city of Nawabs - traditional, elegant and rooted in a rich culture. So when we were approached to brand & launch a new mall in Lucknow, we decided to make it contextual and memorable, by drawing inspiration from Lucknows glorio

Einmal nicht die Straße, sondern der Blick nach oben/ tutorial city in perspective 2 by ~lamorghana on deviantART

Art Elements - Point & Line, Shape, Space. Principles - proportion, perspective tutorial city in perspective 2 by ~lamorghana on deviantART.Love looking up. Something different then the aerial view.

One Point Perspective City tut by ~Swingerzetta on deviantART.. could be a fresh take on name art.

This is a quick little tutorial for easily drawing a grid-based city, looking up, in one point perspective. One Point Perspective City tut

2-point perspective city drawing with colour. Gonna ve drawing ALL day. Yeahhhhhh

perspective city drawing with color. Good example, but very wide-angle. Would be more realistic with one vanishing point off the edge of the paper.