Tutorial on how to effectively use Classdojo in your elementary classroom

6 Tips to Using ClassDojo Effectively

Wow, this site is a huge resource in my observation classroom. This gives the teacher a method of keeping parents up to date and in touch with what their child is learning in the classroom DAILY.

{Class} Dojo Editable Parent Letter FREEBIE!

I absolutely love ClassDojo. Both my children's teachers use this app and it's amazing. I love being updated throughout the day on how they're doing.

Going Strong in 2nd Grade: Class Dojo Update, Q&A, and a GIVEAWAY!

Dojo store for classrooms that use the Classroom Dojo. Students can trade in their dojo points for prizes in each pocket.

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Dojo program is amazing! It is a great way to help students discretly. A sound triggers certain responses.

Reward ideas for Class Dojo can be free and promote good behavior in any classroom! These charts work well with a classroom economy system-- and it's easy to implement and use as a bulletin board!

Class Dojo Reward Charts (Editable)

Dana Schneider This reward system is excellent. Along with the student receiving a reward after so many points, they also have a CHOICE of what their reward is.

Erica's Ed-Ventures: Classroom Dojo

This year, I changed my behavior systems over from a warning board to Classroom Dojo . I heard about Classroom Dojo from my amazing frien.

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Click >>HERE<< for an amazing Class Dojo resource! **************************************************************************** Class Dojo, classroom management, parent letter, beginning of the year, behavior

Class Dojo Weekly Report

Business and management infographic & data visualisation Class Dojo Weekly Report Infographic Description Class Dojo Weekly Report

Class Dojo Reward Pack FREEBIE

Included in this FREEBIE: - Class Dojo Rewards Poster - BLANK Class Dojo Rewards Poster so you can add your own choice of rewards - (this is NOT an editable file, if you would like to add your own rewards, just laminate the poster or put it in a clear