Add something creamy to your dessert – try this smooth butter-cream frosting that’s ready in just 10 minutes!

Buttercream Frosting

Sugar Cookie Frosting--Whether you’re a novice or experienced baker, Betty’s no-fail buttercream frosting will give you beautiful cookies every time.

This apple pie is a classic, from the scrumptious filling to the flaky pastry crust.  It is homemade goodness at its very best.

Scrumptious Apple Pie

Apples Bake some delicious apple cakes, crisps, pies and more this fall baking season. Betty Crocker has bushels of sweet and tasty apple recipes for this harvest season.

Single serve versions of apple pie make it easier to serve and eat, and perfect to tuck in a lunchbox or feature on a dessert tray. This new twist on a classic recipe is easy to prepare with Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust.

Mini Apple Pies

Could use the gluten free pie crust.Looking for a tasty dessert? Then check out these delicious apple pie pops made using Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crust and drizzled with glaze.

Become the ultimate pie master by acing these beloved and time-tested recipes that are surprisingly easy (which no one has to know).

Betty's 10 Most Essential Pies

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Slow-Cooker Fudgy S’more Cake

For a dessert that's restaurant-good and slow-cooker easy, try this home-cooked take on lava cake. Let your slow cooker transform Betty Crocker SuperMoist triple chocolate fudge cake mix, pudding mix and chocolate chips into an impressively rich dessert.

Looking for a delicious dessert made using Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crust? Then check out this browned butter pecan pie that’s baked to perfect golden brown hue.

Browned Butter Pecan Pie

A rich, sticky- sweet pecan filling in Pillsbury® pie crust makes a classic Thanksgiving dessert.

Volunteer to bring the pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving.  This recipe is a snap--no crust to make!

Impossibly Easy Pumpkin Pie

CLASSIC PUMPKIN PIE Betty Crocker A traditional favorite made fuss-free with an easy pat-in-the-pan crust!

Make-Ahead Potato Bread Dough from // Digital copy of the tried and true cookbook recipe. No mixes, just good ingredients and at least 8 hours in the fridge.

Make-Ahead Potato Bread

When fresh peaches are in season, make this delicious pie with convenient Pillsbury® Pet-Ritz® frozen pie crusts.

Peach Pie

Peach Pie: When fresh peaches are in season, make this delicious pie with convenient Pillsbury® Pet-Ritz® frozen pie crusts.

Black Bottom Pie is the best of both worlds (chocolate + vanilla)!

Black Bottom Pie Recipe--I make this pie at least twice a year but decorate it with strawberries and banana slices.

Just when you thought Christmas cookie season couldn’t get any better, we go and bring you six incredible new cookie truffles created in our test kitchens—perfect for cookie swaps and holiday party trays.

The New Christmas Cookies We’re Obsessing About

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Enjoy this classic pot pie that’s made using chicken, peas and carrots topped with puff pastry – a tasty dinner recipe. Use our classic pie crust recipe to make this the best homemade chicken pot pie!

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