Universal Pictures to reboot classic movie monsters

Universal to reboot classic movie monsters

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I spoze it was only a matter of time, rilly. Still, I do like how the creator decided to make it a reverse black & white image of the World's Most Famous Crossing.

Lon Chaney Jr. and Evelyn Ankers in "The Wolf Man."

Beyond Boris and Bela: Universal horror's supporting players

History of Monsters 24x36 print by TimOdland on Etsy

History of Monsters

aplacebothwonderfulandstrange: “wolfmansgotnards: “ jclookslikeme: “ Creeping Horrors from the depths of Time and Space! by Tim Odland ” Know your creeps ” Yes!

Love the Classic Monsters

Classic Monster Illustration: The Phantom of the Opera - building and painting a vintage/classic Aurora plastic model kit!