How to Build a Cob House Step by Step

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Moon to Moon: The Cob Home of .... John Wild. I'd put in a claw foot tub as well, but I LOVE THIS.

cob bathroom // Owner: Marie Ouhrabka/ Don Henley, Builder: Don Young/ Jon Wild and company involved in finishing work Location: Aspen, Colorado Date of Construction: 1972

Color stands out first. This photo makes me think of a privet, sacred space for the self and for self care.

9 glorious tubs: Draw yourself a fantasy bath and stay a while

Magical bath room in a cob home. via Rebecca Jaeger. I am falling in love with Cob houses. - Dream Homes

Round Cob House Built by the Mudgirls. / The Green Life <3

Round Cob House Built by the Mudgirls. / The Green Life Two shed roof system seems like it could work for our cob house - that way, roof line high enough on the slide side of the structure.

cob house....I really love this must be satisfying and fun to live here!

Cob House Built For Less Than $3,000

I used to make mud pies.but a mud house! "The Year of Mud" - it's a book about building a cobb house at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Homes Houses

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I've seen plans for building your own outdoor kitchen stove/oven area. maybe it would work inside in a cob house too?