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All of these cuff and collar styles probably mean something. And they most certainly say something about the person wearing said shirt.

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The ultimate female collars fashion vocabulary Source: Enerie Fashion More Visual Glossaries (for Her): Backpacks / Bags / Beads / Bobby Pins / Boots / Bra Types / Belt knots / Chain Types / Coats / Collars / Darts / Dress Shapes / Dress Silhouettes.

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Sweeney Todd's vest style, middle vest second row from bottom, collar style and double-breast places the costume in the

Dream man

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Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey - White Collar and Christian Grey - 50 Shades of Grey

A crisp collar adds a clean sophisticated look to your outfit while an unsuitable collar can make a great outfit look weak.

Perfect Shirt Collar Look

Man’s Guide To The Shirt Collar Infographic Different Types Of Shirt Collars Info Graphic

Detachable collars are useful to use one top in many ways in a minimal wardrobe    Source:  DuBarry 1930s necklines and collars from site

Style Inspiration: 1930s Necklines and Collars

Art Deco Collars Pattern DuBarry Striking Designs For Daytime or Evening Glamour Styles 6 Unique Collars Medium Size NRA Vintage Sewing Pattern (Diy Clothes Vintage)

Patterns collars #13 is similar to some houppelande collars I've been looking at.

Collar shapes for altering doll clothes patterns site not in English but will need translation; just use a favorite translator service

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Chart information A visual glossary of collar types More Visual Glossaries (for Her): Backpacks / Bags / Hats / Belt knots / Coats / Collars / Darts / Dress S.