Cool painting of Johnny Depp. This is a great idea of painting actors with different kinds of personalities!!! We all must do this!

Common White Girl on

Johnny Depp art - Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands and the Mad Hatter in one painting

NATALIYA TYAGLO, Bay Celebration, 2013     acrylic painting on stretched canvas  20" h x 16" w x .75" d

Usually I see this type of scene as a photograph. Painting allows to alter the colors and shapes to give a different impression-really cool, I gotta try something like this sometime!

Stunning! Such A Creative Painting! Awesome Perspective

Drink Creatively "Sea Turtle" by Paint Nite Artist Kristina Elizabeth. Want to learn how to paint this?

Cada lagrima tiene un punto de referencia.                              …

I love how real this looks and how it's so zoomed up on the girls face. The way the shadow hits the cheek/chin bones is amazing

perfect for warm cool colour lesson - I wonder, would it work to pull a fork or hair pick carefully through wet paint to create the windows in the skyscrapers? Could be great fun to make wavy lines in a wavy building!

Fine Art Original Abstract Celestial City Paintings on Canvas by Laura Barbosa ~Contemporary ~Modern Art ~ Cityscape/Celestial Gallery

Mail - FRANCES HALPIN - Outlook

Art Class Blessings ideas~"HomeSchool Blessings On The Farm"~~~Autumn Stroll - Moderate colors - red, black, white brushes - big, medium, small

we are all made of stars - Galaxy Girl Print by KristaRaeArt

This would make a cool painting! "we are all made of stars - Galaxy Girl Print by KristaRaeArt" YEAAH GURL WORK IT.

Acrylic Painting Canvas Original Boston Skyline by DillieDesigns

Acrylic Painting Canvas Original Boston Skyline by DillieDesigns- the would be cool with a different skyline.eville or wilmy or Dallas!