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Cornice Boards

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For the living room and office/dining room.

My house has pretty boring windows. A little because of the architecture of the house and a little because of the fact that I hate curtains. So we just have wide blinds in all of our windows.

More cornice boards sans wood or saw. :) Using craft board! cheap, cheap. (Easy too!)

10 Diy Kitchen Timeless Design Ideas 1

Cornice Board Round Up and DIY Tutorial!  They're EASY, CHEAP, and make a BIG IMPACT!  Great ideas from Heathered Nest!!

Staying "In the Box" is a Good Thing. AKA: DIY Cornices

All about DIY cornices. Cornice boards are a popular, and inexpensive window treatment.

My top five list of things I most abhor when it comes to home decor would have to include vertical blinds. Was there ever actually a time when these things were considered attractive? They have no personality, they fall apart like crazy, get slammed in the door and crack, and they just look cheap.  (My...Read More »


A Pelmet is a decorative, stiffened valance, which may be flat or have stiffened sections or fancy shapes. A pelmet is always stiffened and interlined to avoid sagging and rippling. Welting and borders are often used to accentuate the shape of the pelmet. A pelmet can be used in combination with jabots, cascades, tails, swags, or flags.

A Pelmet is a stiffened, interlined valance, which may be flat or have stiffened sections or fancy shapes.

Kitchen Cornice Ideas

Kitchen Cornice Ideas