Like the idea of leading your horse along a path. You have come a long way but have far to go...

Ok, I have a paint horse and the same hat.I have boots too and at one time I had jean shorts and a white T.> It's the me that's inside still - blonder hair tho, LOL

Same. Repin if you are the same too. ;-)

That's true. Sometimes I want my dress fancy and wear waterfall braids. And then some times I want to wear pants, superstar adidas, acne top, and just straightened hair.

Mama tried to raise a lady, but daddy won, he raised a lady that doesn't take shit from anyone

My parents changed the parts daddy wants a lady but mommy raised me a sacastic powerful girl who can beat a boy easiely

Country Girls. im like the  one on the left, with real boots though

I like mossy oak better so definitely not team real tree I'm the girl on the right! My best friend is the one on the left haha but the boots are actual cowgirl boots!


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<3 My Country Girl Style!! My body will look this good!

Every wardrobe should have a pair of cowgirl boots. And it's not even required to adopt the traditional 'cowgirl' look either. I think I have 7 pairs of boots. I grew up in the country and will always be a country girl!

Bow hunting...motivation

These archery girls really hit the spot (25 Photos)