"Makes The World A REALLY Happy Place Alright!" ♥Also, a rooster crowing in A.M. And the sound of tree frogs.

Front Porch Sitting ~ Listening to the birds in the morning and the crickets at night - It's not Kentucky home without a porch, swing and ar least one rocker.

Image choc de mon enfance... d'où est née l'idée de ma grange!    Denman Island: From Goboroot

Barn Photography - Inside an Old Barn Full of Hay - Sunlight Shining Through the Barn's Perfect Imperfections

Breathtaking Photography of the #American_MidWest, by #Jake_Olson *Makes me wanna take a back road* via @sunjayjk

Breathtaking Photography of The American Midwest by Jake Olson

Sweet Country Life ~ Simple Pleasures ~ Faith Hope Love

~Ivყ`ʂ Ꮥσɱҽrʂҽʈ cαɓᎥɲ ɛïɜ ~ i'm really into rustic windowsills ATM

i want a picture like this: holding hands riding, adorable.


What a fun engagement shoot! Nichole is marrying Anthony, a full-on cowboy from Australia. When Nichole mentioned she owned horses, I couldn't contain my excitement at the thought of doing legit cowboy-cowgirl themed engagement photos.