#wattpad #novela-juvenil -Hey enana!!! ¿qué tal?      -Genial- le contesté mirando hacia el suelo con una pequeña sonrisa en los labios mientras él se iba acercando con paso rápido a mí.      Ese era uno de los primeros días en los que él, como más adelante tomaría por costumbre, me recogía después de la academia para ir j...

Mi nuevo mejor amigo

Write this story "You will pretend to be in love with me. You will hold my hand. You will go quietly. Or I will kill you." He told me, I have no choice, so I hold his hand and lay my head on his arm and smile.

Getting through it together.

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ppteamrafa te ha empezado a seguir soyraizarevelles sigue a ppteamraf… # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattp

Anime boys and Whatnot, friendly-character-review:  This is one of those...

Here is a great example of how to draw holding hands. These examples show how one persons hand clasps over someones elses hand

Bitte nicht verzweifeln! Bin grad voll im Stress Noten, Notenkonferenzen, Elterngespräche über freche Schüler.... Noch diesen Monat....

This shows love and two couples holding hands, staying together no matter what, loving together, staying strong together and hold hands forever.This is what love is, staying together.

womaninthewoods: “ onheradventure: “ Ugh this makes my heart so warm. ” holding hands is my favorite. ”

The touch of hands is the electricity of life, I love holding your hand and walking together ♏

Embrace Life Photography - Silhouette Engagement Photo at Sunset, Santa Monica: Low tide and a stunning sunset during this Santa Monica beach engagement photography session provided an opportunity to create this striking silhouette portrait of a couple holding hands, taking in all the natural beauty of the Pacific coastLocation: Santa Monica, California. Keywords: Engagement (66), Portrait (295).

Silhouette Engagement Photo at Sunset, Santa Monica - Los Angeles Wedding Photography and Portraits - Embrace Life Photography

And now i fall asleep to the sound of the ticking clock instead of the scent of your locks or the pulse of your heart..

mujhe raat mai milo or final kro. ab online na ane wala drama mat krna or pak chali gai ho to straightly let me know

Portrait of Couple Holding Hands with Tropical Beach in Background. Photo by Alberto Pomares. Original in colour. °

Happy 2012! A New Year's Day Challenge

Portrait of Couple Holding Hands with Tropical Beach in Background. Photo by Alberto Pomares. Original in colour. ° I want this for the rest of my life!