10 Reasons Why We All Miss Crash Bandicoot on pink chanel suit / for the nerds and the gamers!

Crash Bandicoot: My favorite video game series of all time! I spent countless hours on my PlayStation playing this alongside my dad

Crash Bandicoot 2- The art style of the game has been kept the same through out the series, the only difference is the graphics have become better in quality.All the characters have odd proportions , for example Doctor Neo Cortex has a enlarged head to show a physical side to his "brains".

Crash Bandicoot 2 - Cortex Strikes Back Sony PlayStation cover artwork

Crash Bandicoot by sergiomadronal on DeviantArt

Crash Bandicoot by sergiomadronal on DeviantArt I'm betting they're playing a Crash game.

Crash Bandicoot! God I love this game. Art by Julien Godin

Crash Bandicoot, one of my favourite characters during my childhood. In all cases, I've created the charact.

Who played Crash Bandicoot?! Loved this game

AkuAku, from the Crash Bandicoot series. He acts like a protector and a fatherly-figure to Crash, Coco and Crunch. This picture shows his old-school appearance, but he looks different in CotT and Mind over Mutant.

crash bandicoot twinsanity - Google pretraživanje

Cartoons Backgrounds In High Quality: Crash by Zach Flaxbeard, Friday July 2015

I miss this guy! Old school Crash Bandicoot FTW!

I miss this guy! Old school Crash Bandicoot. Why won't they bring this marsupial back on PlayStation?

Emularoms: Crash Bandicoot [ Ps1 ]

Is the original Crash Bandicoot one of the best games of all time?