I am pinning because this picture is so cool. I see the trees, and the caption under it, and think, "This is a terrifying forest!" But look closer. It has so much beauty! The crimson leaves that have made a thick blanket on the ground. The way the fog hazily floats among the treetops. This forest is going into my book!!!

10 Most Unbelievable Places that really Exist

Autumn Woods, Germany Photograph by *ْ Jonathan Manshack, Nat Geo

Haven't been there yet but plan on going in that area for blue agate. So I'll just have to look.

Creepypasta,apparently. I'm sorry for the abundance of creepy writing prompts.

Fun Fact Dump for your Dump - Imgur

Fun Fact Dump for your Dump

this is FYI but I got a kick out of the photo --either way, black or white, he's a pretty good lookin' guy

The abject racism and hysterical fear of a black man in power was so absurd, but President Obama did and does rise above. That's a human being to admire.

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The Big Asian Secret

Funny pictures about The Big Asian Secret. Oh, and cool pics about The Big Asian Secret. Also, The Big Asian Secret photos.