Chunky Roast Chicken Slaw  Pull 6 ounces of white meat off a store-bought roast chicken. Mix with 1 small Napa cabbage, finely shredded; 1 Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored, and shredded; 1 celery stalk, thinly sliced; 1 small shallot, minced; and 1/4-cup low-fat ranch dressing.  Serving size: 2 cups  PointsPlus value: 6

Cucumber Raita Dip - Weight Watcher's Rated 4 Stars Suggests - substitute curry powder for coriander, add crumbled feta cheese

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Recipe: Naan Wraps with Homemade Cucumber Raita | Kitchn

Naan Wraps with Homemade Cucumber Raita

Recipe: Naan Wraps with Homemade Cucumber Raita — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes (The Kitchn)

This recipe is another paleo and vegan recipe with a flavourful cashew sour cream sauce.

16 Tasty Raw Vegan and Paleo Friendly Recipes

Rohkost (Roh) Rezept vegan: Samosas mit Gurke und Minz Raita / raw recipe: Vegetable Samosas with Cucumber & Mint Raita

Cucumber Raita Image

Cucumber Raita Image

Raita Recipe (Indian yogurt condiment) | India | Whats4Eats

Raitas are cooling side dishes served as part of an Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi meal. These seasoned yogurt helps to quench the fire of chilies found in many dishes of the Subcontinent.

Indian Spiced #Trout with #Cucumber Raita | Produce Made Simple #Recipe

Entree Food Photography of Indian Spiced Trout with Ontario Greenhouse Cucumber Raita [BP imaging - Bochsler Photo Imaging]

A sophisticated vegetarian meal with ras el hanout - a medley of fragrant spices from North Africa.

Roast vegetable and chickpea loaf with cucumber raita

White beans, tomatoes, and spinach all over crusty french bread and toasted cheese!

White Beans, Spinach & Tomatoes over Parmesan Toasts

Looking for weight-loss tips and recipes? Try EatingWell's diet meal plan to lose weight. This meal plan takes the guesswork out of dieting.

Indian cauliflower fritters

Indian cauliflower fritters with cucumber raita

Cucumber raita cools the palate and is an excellent complement to the spicy cauliflower fritters.

Have a light healthy and quick lunch meal. Prepare the Aloo Matar Masala Khichdi served with Cucumber Raita and roasted Papad. #AlooRecipe Do tell us what is your favorite kind of khichdi and click on the images below for the recipes. #EverydayCooking #Recipes

Aloo Matar Masala Khichdi

Aloo Matar Masala Khichdi Recipe is a mildly spicy Bhojpuri khichdi dish made with potatoes and peas.