My Future tatto by Kris Bergquist, my Godchild. It will be 2 - J's for Jer and Josh.

#heart #infinity cursive "J" tattoo - represents loving Joseph forever :)

cursive "J" tattoo - represents me, my bothers and my mom. We all have letter J

Exactly how I make my J's.... :) The letter J

DAY 101: I never realized how useful the letter “J” is….

Watercolor Logo Design Custom Logo Design Custom by PeachCreme

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Our school system no longer teaches cursive handwriting. Here are some fun ways I found to teach cursive handwriting at home this summer.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Cursive Handwriting at Home.

It's sad that here in NC the school systems have taken cursive writing out. How do we keep requiring signatures on documents but we don't want to teach how to sign them.

Free Cross Stitch Pattern: Cursive Backstitch Alphabet – by She Has Me In Stitches

You can use this free cursive backstitch alphabet patterns to chart your own sayings, for monograms, or whatever you can imagine. The capi.