Josh, 21, Barrack, powers: Powers of ice, can turn into a wolf, traits: Kind, cute, caring, protective, hides himself well, defensive, childish, clumsy at times, funny. (me)

(FC Brown haired boys&blue eyed) Hey i'm Jackson *smiles* i'm the beta of the pack, not really much after that. Especially Jake.

My little brother was sent to a Church camp to fix his 'homosexuality' He came back a week after with his new boyfriend. XD

Hey, without the church camp he wouldn't find his new boyfriend. However, fuck those dumb ass church camps.

I was waiting for someone to make one of these for the boys of Teen Wolf!

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Name:Blake asters Siblings:Diana Asters,Halia Asters,Daphne Asters,Chelsea Asters,and Dereck Asters Relationship:none Superhuman powers:telekinesis