Juggernaut -- Istera's battlefield rival, whose identity is unknown. (Head canon: a puppet of the mastermind behind the slaughter of the Drendar?  Maybe he's a Drendar himself?  One particularly beloved of Istera at one point?)

Mom never said there would days like these Dark Souls - Bandit Created by Martianzombie

gravelorded: “ Alva the Wayfarer, Dark Souls II Design Works ”

Alva the Wayfarer, Dark Souls II, this is an NPC knight enemy in Dark Souls II his armour represents the stylised knight armour that i would like my character to have influenced, the cloth around the armour makes for interesting embellishments.

This is an armor set from dark souls. And to me it represent the game that has…

This papercraft is the Elite Knight Set, a medium armor set in the action role-playing video game Dark Souls, the paper model is created by Replica.

Dark Souls- Set of Artorias Cosplay - Imgur

Dark Souls- Set of Artorias Cosplay

Art of Dark Souls

The evolution of the Moonlight Greatsword through Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne. /M/ischief Reborn (


This is honestly the coolest dark souls art I've seen in forever, I hated this backstabber