You get real close to their face, when you say attention.

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{ddlg})) "What do you need?" I say, poking at your cheek. "Pay attention to me Daddy!" I whine.

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i can just imagine this happening as eizzil is thinking about the past, questioning her choice, wondering if she was betraying enna by doing this, wondering if her heart was right. she can keep from sniffling, and then jamal comes and comforts her.

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Just some of my favorite pictures and quotes. 40 something male/ 18 and older on my page please.

Aris Kolokontes art.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Aris Kolokontes art - this guy is a sculpture designer based in Athens Greece working on this for most of his life, started off as a simple hobby. He mostly works on aliens for sci-fi movies or b movies. I really love how are you how's layers of skin on

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