Drop Dead Fred (1991) Poster - "I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Really cute film."

Drop Dead Fred (1991)

When Elizabeth Cronin (Phoebe Cates) comes to stay with her overbearing mother (after her husband leaves her for a younger woman), she rediscovers her wacky imaginary childhood friend, Drop Dead Fred (Rik Mayall). Drop Dead Fred and Elizabeth have a

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I added this image so it shows the type of clothing that my advertisement on "drop dead" will be using and showing for sale in my magazine. I used this company as they are a popular clothing company amongst fans of my magazines genre.

rena lovelis (@renalovelis) auf Instagram: „drop dead.“

rena lovelis (@renalovelis) auf Instagram: „drop dead.“

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Brooke Elliott and Margaret Cho Star in. Drop Dead Diva: Season One The Critically Acclaimed Series on Lifetime TV Features Guest Stars Rosie.

Drop dead fred! Loved this movie when i was little, & LOVE it even more now that im older! : D Of course fred is my favorite character, rick mayall is so hilarious. : )  (she shoulda just married fred & lived in that giant dollhouse) lol!

Actor Rik Mayall passed away today AKA - Drop Dead Fred).

It teaches proper English. | 18 Ways "Drop Dead Gorgeous" Makes Me Proud To Be An American

18 Ways "Drop Dead Gorgeous" Makes Me Proud To Be An American