Make a Rustic Wreath from a Picture Frame - Really explains dry brushing well

Make a Rustic Wreath from a Picture Frame

s take picture frames off your walls for these 15 brilliant ideas, Add some flowers for a gorgeous wreath

The Best DIY and Decor: Fun way to decorate and connect the frames

14 Photo Frame Ideas

fun way to decorate and connect the frames. Put beach photos for kids room in frames. Repurpose frames we already

The 10 Easiest Crafts for Your Little | The Odyssey

The 10 Easiest Crafts for Your Little

That's a cute idea! Super glue those glass rocks you can buy from the Dollar Tree onto a flat surfaced picture frame, add embellishments. *** make the photo things with the rocks and then glue those to picture frames or letter shapes.

Decorate an old plain frame with glue, let it dry, then paint over it so it looks like carvedwood!

How To Emboss Picture Frames

DIY: Dress up a cheap frame by decorating is with glue, let it dry, and then paint over it with one solid color and it looks like a specialty carved frame! I already have a frame I was going to paint:)

Cheap picture frames + scrapbook paper= cute cheap picture frames. It's time to redo the kids' portrait frames!

Take inexpensive frames and scrap paper and you& have stylish Easy Decoupage Frames for your home! If you& looking for decoupage ideas, this homemade picture frames is a simple afternoon project that add a pop of color to a wall or coffee table.

The Best DIY and Decor: Fun way to decorate and connect the frames. I like number #1 & #11

14 Photo Frame Ideas

DIY: Eggshell Mosaic Picture Frame So maybe you finally came up with a few recipes to use all those colored eggs from Easter, but why waste the pretty pastel eggshells?

10 Creative Ways to Decorate with Dollar Store Picture Frames 8

Brightly painted frames, cardboard letters and loud scrapbook paper. (or, wooden frames, cardboard letters and muted scrapbook paper, which is what I was actually planning to do on the nursery wall once the baby comes and I know initials!

Great way to spray paint picture frames.

Spray painting a frame: place the frame in a box, and spray one side of it with your choice of spray paint. Leave it in the sun to dry, and then flip it over and spray the other side. When both sides of the frame are dry, take the frame indoors.

20 outstanding ways to reuse a picture frame

we should this with grandmas old jewelry and put her pic in it .an old frame and some old or broken jewellry. This could be done by adults or kids alike. Shells, buttons or other interesting bits can also be added

A collection of framed vintage keys decorate the back wall of the powder room…

A collection of framed vintage keys decorate the back wall of the powder room, with a ribbon trim adding interest to the window shades!

Easy ways to repurpose and reuse Dollar Store picture frames.

12 Clever Ways to Repurpose Dollar Store Picture Frames - Page 13 of 13

Cute way to hang photos, cards, memos, etc. and so simple/cheap to make! Would be cute for Christmas card display.

I've been creating these the last couple of days.  Even frames with detail in them are great- just mod podge the areas you want, press the map into the details, frame out the opening in the back, and trim as needed and desired.  I LOVE them.

Maps + picture frame - - great project & gift to share photos from a family trip, destination wedding, honeymoon/anniversary. Not only almanac maps, use property maps & brochures from your resort or travel.

Long picture frame. Decorate inside with strips of paper. Use dry erase marker to write on glass. by blanca

Under the glass of the frames she laid strips of scrapbooking paper in them with circle punches and letter stickers. Voila, a weekly planner showing this week and next week, that I can write on with dry-wipe marker. DEF MY FAVORITE CALENDAR IDEA!

fabric flowers on picture frame - would make a nice wedding present if you could get fabric scraps from the making of the bridesmaid dresses!

Make picture frames your own! Must do this to a frame I like, but one of my Son's broke a piece off of. It was an accident, but the jury is still out!