28 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects

DIY: Vase or Jar For Storage or Gifts. Take a hot glue gun and print your design on a bottle or jar, and then spray paint.

DIY | 5x vazen en flessen schilderen voor de feest & kersttafel. – Stijlvol Styling - Woonblog

Spray paint wine bottles and presto! Wine bottles have a larger opening and neck to house the candle stick

34 Fascinating Upcycling DIY Wine Bottle Projects to Refresh Your Interior Design

Be Creative with Old Wine Bottles After you drink the wine, what the heck can you do with the wine bottles. Quite a lot, actually. And wine barrels make great DIY project too. Here are some DIY Wine bottle ideas; let us know which project you will try.

HAND MADE in The CZECH REPUBLIC, AUTHENTIC BOHEMIA GLASS Miniature filigree perfume bottles first appeared in Czechoslovakia. They were most popular from 1910 to 1950, during the Art Deco period. A great collectors item, as well as a wonderful and unique gift. NEW ITEM / GLASS WAND

Glass Perfume Bottle- dark blue bottle with silver filigree with blue and rose cameo PB 427 by buttonsandshanks on Etsy

09-recycled-plastic-spoon-chandelier                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

10 DIY Lamps and Chandeliers Made from Recycled Everyday Items

painted mason jar kitchen set, with whitewashed wood planter box, 3 utensil holders

Package includes: Planter box- white washed/distressed 1 quart white mouth mason jars Ring in the holidays with this beautiful kitchen christmas storage piece! This is a gorgeous piece to add to any space in your kitchen. This is a rusti