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dialysis humor gifts for nurses techs patients poster.how i labeled things to new people. and then called them that for so long I forgot the real names

A dialysis machine keeps people alive who suffer end stage kidney failure, so you can imagine how valuable a dialysis machine is to use patients. http://www.miketolcher.com/blog/what-is-peritoneal-dialysis-and-why-did-i-choose-it

Chronic Kidney Disease

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If you're on dialysis, then you know the standard course of dialysis is 3x/week for 4 hours at a time after they stab you with 2 long needles and in my case limit the use of your left arm. Tell me your Kidney Story @ www.facebook.com/kidney stories

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Kelly Kidney Renal Nurse Badge Pull Cute Badge by BadgeBlooms

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Dancing in the Rain: No Longer a Candidate for Kidney Transplant

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Dialysis is a pain in the A_ _ (arm - but I like the way you think.  Be a registered organ donor.)

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my kidneys are so lazy Sticker

my kidneys are so lazy Sticker

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Kidney Failure Treatment

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Dialysis my true love in nursing!

my true love in nursing! I love it because it blends just the right amount of Med-Surg, case management, critical care/ER, and longterm care

All their faces; every time

All their faces; every time