Vista St Dining Table by Nathan Day - Dining Table, Midcentury Modern, Solid Timber, Short Lead Time, Custom Furniture, Boardroom Table, Made To Order, Walnut

Vista St Dining Table by Nathan Day Design. Made to order in American Oak, American Walnut or Ebonised (Black) American Walnut.

Large Modern Italian Designer Dining Table at Juliette's Interiors, table and large collection of designer Italian furniture.

Large Modern Italian Designer Dining Table

Large Modern Italian Designer Dining Table - personally I would make the edge softer so I wouldn't get hurt

Walnut table design by Luis Luna for Namuh

Mesa Julián on BehanceThe Julian table has been inspired by the concept of timeless design and easy understanding The result is a walnut table that stands out for its simple and natural lines, which can be integrated in any interior space Más

Follow us @d.signers_in for Interior Ideas and Furniture!  Dining table by Riflessi #d_signersIn

I don't really like glass toped tables but I do like the staggered legs. Glide by Riflessi rectangular and living room Egidio Panzera

ASPEN PURE Poppyworks präsentiert Pure Aspen - eine perfekte Tisch für ein Loft und große Räume. Tischplatte aus Massivholz-Balken-Abschnitt von 10x15cm bis 12 x 20 cm - hängt die Tabellenbreite. Edelstahl pulverbeschichtet mit jeder RAL-Farbe oder Rohstahl nicht Farbe lackiert. Auf den Fotos - ein Bergahorn-Tischplatte und Beine Stahl Pulver beschichtet weiß - 200/90/78 cm (Länge/Breite/Höhe). Verschiedene Farben, Größen und Tischplatte Materialien verfügbar - überprüfen ...

ASPEN PURE Poppyworks proudly presents Aspen Pure - a perfect table for a loft and large spaces. Tabletop from solid timber – beams section from

Handgefertigte Esstisch. Modernes minimalistisches von Poppyworkspl

Discover thousands of images about Handmade dining table. Contemporary minimalistic by Poppyworkspl

H-Leg Dining Table

H-Leg Dining Table

Wood Profits - H-Leg Dining Table Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!