This would be good as an Amazon rain forest small world

AM: This would be a fun interactive activity for students to great their own Mississippi river. Make a River - imaginative play in the sand pit!

How to make homemade small world volcanoes from Still Playing School

Dinosaur Small World with Homemade Volcanoes

Still Playing School: Dinosaur Small World with Homemade Volcanoes Egg Carton Crafts & Activities, Egg Carton Crafts

Small world dinosaur play from Rachel (",)

Dinosaur Invasion

Dinosaur small world and other open ended learning opportunities around the dinosaur theme

Imaginative Play: Setting up a Dinosaur Small World

Imaginative Play: Dinosaur Small World

Small worlds play nurtures imagination and encourages creativity. Read here how you can set up your own dinosaur small world!

Sehr coole Idee für Jungs... dann nochne Pumpe für Wasser.... toll zum SPielen und kein Sand im haus...

A Dry river bed instead of a traditional sand pit. Large and smaller river rock lining a sand river with tree stumps, ferns and toys. This is a home daycare that has a lot of natural play elements in their backyard play environment.

Have wonderful fun with these frozen dinosaur eggs for sensory play and scientific discovery! So easy to make and play with as part of imaginative, small world play scene and great for dinosaur loving kids.  Playing with ice is an absolute favourite sensory and science activity for small kids to explore! We have often enjoyed...Read More »

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Sensory Play

"Digging for Dinosaur Bones" Math Activity (from The Imagination Tree) @Stephanie Close Close Close Close Baile

Digging for Dinosaur Bones Maths Game

Digging for (salt dough) dinosaur bones maths game - from The Imagination Tree (",) Make bones for dinosaur garden

Dinosaur Small World-- Could even do on a slightly bigger scale and use a sandbox or small plastic pool and play outside in the summer!

Creative Playhouse: Dinosaur Small World- something random and different to add to sensory table for a week