Article about heuristic play with loads more ideas for baby treasure baskets

I like the way these treasure baskets are materials focused. Helps the child to compare and contrast objects Treasure Baskets - put little collections in baskets.

How to make a sensory treasure basket for baby.  Kids get bored with plastic baby toys  Heuristic Play Part I - The Treasure Basket | Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks

Article about creating treasure baskets for young ones, like Montessori infant treasure baskets, using real objects and no plastic.

RAINBOW SKY SENSORY BOTTLES are a fun discovery bottle sensory play idea. They bring the beauty and magic of weather indoors to be enjoyed close up again and again. A super Spring and Summer sensory activity for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Gorgeous Rainbow Sky Sensory Bottles

As a literacy activity, out sight word tiles in the bottle and have students shake the bottle and search for sight words. When find them, they write them.

Magnetic sorting investigation.

(Pin N) Magnetic sorting investigation- children can explore ideas engaging with and co-constructing meaning through play- based learning. Children resource their own learning through connecting with material and exploring ideas and theories through play.

Natural Treasure Baskets | Fine Solutions - noticed an old shaving brush like my granddad had!

I have two variants of this. The 'things from nature' basket which just has shells, wood, stones, feathers etc and 'natural objects' basket including many items from here. This was an easy place to start.

Heuristic Play Treasure Basket

Heuristic Play Treasure Basket

This Heuristic Play Treasure Basket is a great introduction for small babies to a variety of different sensory objects to explore and discover.

DIY Calm down sensory bottles are used for portable no mess safe sensory play for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, to calm an anxious child, to help children learn to meditate, and as a "time out" timer for kids. This article includes links to resources available to help learn more about their uses and how to make DIY sensory bottles.

DIY Calm Down Sensory Bottles 101

DIY Seashells Sensory Bottle - A DIY sea shells sensory bottle calm down jar can be used for no mess safe sensory play, and to help calm an anxious child.

interesting items to add to basket - this was a gift basket idea, but it struck me as a great tactile experience.

Heuristic Play

Yesterday afternoon I had the great pleasure of selecting and preparing some new resources. After searching high and low in and around the town where my setting is situated, I returned with arms la…

Have wonderful fun with these frozen dinosaur eggs for sensory play and scientific discovery! So easy to make and play with as part of imaginative, small world play scene and great for dinosaur loving kids.  Playing with ice is an absolute favourite sensory and science activity for small kids to explore! We have often enjoyed...Read More »

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Sensory Play

21 sensory bottles specifically for babies and toddlers! A great activity to introduce to your youngsters!

Sensory Bottles for Babies and Toddlers

sensory bottles for toddlers and sensory bottles for babies. If you are looking for sensory play ideas for babies or toddlers you'll love these 21 sensory and discover bottle ideas.