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Splendid DIY Display Cases Design to Make A Cozy Room

A wall of recessed niches is a dramatic focal point. Contemporary Hall design by San Francisco Architect Tali Hardonag Architect.

My Lego cabinet built using IKEA parts. - Imgur

My Lego cabinet built using IKEA parts.

DIY Display Cases Ideas to Save Your Stuff  Tags: Action Figure Display Cases | Countertop Display Cases | Glass Display Cases | Wooden Display Cases

23 DIY Display Cases Ideas Which Makes Your Stuff More Presentable

Custom guitar display cabinet: Quartered English Sycamore finished in a light stain with high gloss to accentuate the wood grain; Bragging rights: place (Specialty Room), 2010 Detroit Home Design Awards.

Wall mounted unit with glass doors, cabinet lighting and high drawers, combined with a free standing unit with drawers, doors and solid wood worktop

IKEA - OMLOPP, LED spotlight, white , The OMLOPP spotlight brightens up the inside of your cabinets and makes it easy to see and find what you need.Adds a decorative finish to your kitchen.You can use ANSLUTA remote control to turn on/off and dim all

LED vs Fluorescent vs Xenon vs Halogen under cabinet lighting options are explored and compared. The key is ...

Best Under Cabinet Lighting (LED / Xenon / Halogen / Fluorescent)

White kitchens are a hot trend in today's kitchens. Check out our antique white kitchens and see how to pair them with the perfect countertop

25 Antique White Kitchen Cabinets for Awesome Interior Home Ideas

Kitchen coffee station features lit display cabinets and glass-front cabinets and inset cabinets paired with white and gray granite countertops, mirrored backsplash and glass-front wine fridge.

Each stylist would have their own section. :) Developer bottles under cabinet. Under cabinet lighting.

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