How to install a LAUNDRY CHUTE  DIY Laundry Chute  Will need some power tools, would think this project takes more than 3 hours- cutting drywall out, cutting thru the subfloor, placing duct, door, replacing drywall, painting.  BUT would be so worth the hours put in and I bet the kids would pick up their laundry all the time. :D

How to Install a Laundry Chute

You'll love the convenience of a laundry chute. It'll save you time and energy with fewer trips up and down stairs. Here: how to find a wall location and install one.

To make a basement laundry room comfortable enough that you'll want to spend time there, paint the walls a soothing color, install good lighting, and decorate like you want. #basement laundry room #basement (laundry room ideas) Tags: basement laundry room ideas, basement laundry room makeover,unfinished basement laundry room

Basement Laundry Room Decorations Ideas And Tips

Laundry chute cupboard, nice way to hide the dirty clothing until you are ready to deal with it

DIY laundry chute - YES, you can install one yourself!  Find out how at Thirfty Decor Chick!

The new laundry chute!

pvc for laundry chute.This is for a laundry chute DIY, but it might help us with the framing in our entry closet with the obnoxious vent pipe!

dumb waiter/laundry lift. I've always wanted one of these

There we go, a sortable dumb waiter. So upstairs room clean clothes are in a cabinet on shelves, dirty clothes go in a cabinet down a chute.

Laundry Chute: If your bedroom is two floors up from the washer and dryer, you might want to resurrect another nearly forgotten feature of old homes: the laundry chute. If you'd like to construct your own, to ensure that your clothes are funneled smoothly, weld sheet metal together to create a ramp, or use lengths of extra-large PVC pipe to form a tube that ends in your laundry room. No matter your approach, adding a laundry chute injects low-tech convenience into one of life's never-ending…

15 Old House Features We Were Wrong to Abandon

15 once-popular details, not for their novelty, but for their practicality - Old House Features - Bob Vila - Diy for Home Decor

A laundry chute is a must-have in my future home.  Love this one with the different slots so the clothes are already sorted for you!

Knowing that I want to have lots of kids, laundry chutes will probably be a good idea since I know my boys will most likely be lazy.

family closet cubbies in the laundry room - 7 cubbies for each child - you can put one outfit in each cubbie and the kids week is set... how neat! :)

Family Closet - cubbies in the laundry room - 7 cubbies for each child - you can put one outfit in each cubbie and the kids week is set.

I like this minus the sink and replace the type of cabinets with white or cherry.  Tall cabinet for storage and basket at top for laundry chute.

Having a laundry room like this would match our home perfectly! I love the color of the washer and dryer and the counter top with a sink. You can get some stains out and hand wash a few things while you're doing laundry.

Time to add a cabinet to catch all those clothes being tossed down the chute!

Laundry room with great storage options - eclectic - laundry room - charlotte - Hardwood Creations -- Laundry shoot

Laundry shoot!  I was obsessed with buying a home that had one and I am so glad because I love ours!  One of the many perks of owning an older home : )

Laundry chute in each closet. The lost and forgotten Laundry Chute.a fond memory of my childhood.bedroom on the second floor.laundry in the basement.