Ok so this is basically two sheets of wax paper with flowers and pretty things ironed I'm between, and taped into a cube. What if we took those sheets and put them on a nice lil wooden frame instead?

How To: Luminaria with Kelly Wilkinson

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How to Make Easy Paper Lanterns -- Kids Culinary Passport (Japan)

How to Make Easy Paper Lanterns (Japan

A cute centerpiece - Just change the colors with the seasons and occasions

8 Different Ways to Make Paper Flowers - Page 6 of 9

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If some of them have lights in them, that would look really cool with the paper lanterns... I also might spray paint some or all of them to match with the color scheme


Idk if these fit any decor for any of the showers or themes you have going, but i freaking think theyre adorable Twine Lanterns - DIY Garden Lighting Ideas - Sequin Gardens

lovely paper fish mobiles by french designer dame belette

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Trying to cut down on your wedding expenses? Then look no further than our list of homemade wedding decorations Saving money on your wedding has never been this easy and creative!

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vintage-diy-wedding, DIY project: Spray glue the dollies/twine to a blown up balloon and allow to dry. Then pop the balloon.