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Losing a pet is like losing a best friend. And just like when people pass on, pets can be memorialized in much the same way. Below are some examples of how we can create beautiful keepsake bookmarks for pet memorials to help you honor your lost little fri

A Dog Poem   I hope you feel this way about your dog. I feel this way about mine.

I found this poem one day, by "Unknown", so I borrowed it. It expresses my feelings toward my best friend.

Pet Bereavement Flexible Fridge Magnet Gift with the beautiful verse Someday ©Jean Chaff  These versatile thin flexible magnetic signs are suitable for

Top 12 Foods Your Dog Should NEVER Eat!

Rainbow Bridge Sympathy Poem Sign Featuring Inspirational Quote About Pet Loss

Rainbow Bridge Sympathy Poem Sign Featuring Inspirational Quote About Pet Loss

You can show support or find solace after the loss of a pet in the words of the famous Rainbow Bridge sympathy poem. This gorgeous inspirational sign features that often shared poem set against a brea

Knew it was coming, living on borrowed time, never dreamed the end would be this abrupt. You were a tough little fighter, you showed cancer you weren't it's bitch! We love you Brody, we're fucking devastated...

This is a perfect poem for anyone who has every loved, and lost, a furry companion. I love you, Dixie-girl

Forever Free Poem Typed With Antique Typewriter  ~~~~~~~~  Hi, I’m Christy, a writer and poet. I’ve written all of the poems you see in my shop. I know how hard it is to lose a faithful companion. I hope you will find comfort in this poem. I will type out this poem with my 1936 Remington typewriter for that wonderful vintage look. I offer premium cardstock paper as well as beautiful handmade paper. You can choose the type of paper you’d like when you order. Paper size is approximately 5 x 7…

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<b>Rainbow</b> <b>Bridge</b> <b>Poem</b> on Pinterest | <b>Rainbow</b> <b>Bridge</b> <b>Dog</b>, <b>Rainbow</b> <b>Bridge</b> ...

It includes a interesting rainbow bridge poem.There is a bridge connecting the beautiful sky and earth/ It is called the rainbow bridge because of its color.

Carmen is ours!  Not a drop of German Shepherd in her, but the one of the best sisters and diagnoticians ever.

So true about Layla. I wanted a giant dog and instead got this little, tiny ball of fluff that has been the most perfect companion Ive ever known. ❤️ - My Doggy Is Delightful

Thank you to all of you who have helped a creature in need. You are Special. Always adopt - never shop.

The Circle beautiful_stories poems animals rescue Thank you to all of you who read this that has helped a creature in need. You are Special.