American girl doll party craft station

Doll Clothes Closet - How to make a closet for American Girl Dolls

photo booth for dolls how cute!!

How to Make A Doll Jump Rope

Great idea to seat lots of dolls at a party. I really like the playdoh idea for kids to do in between craft activities.

Doll Party - use bandanas as doll chairs, small cups and cut straws for dolls, make Playdoh food for dolls

A perfect craft for our little girls and their American girls.

Me and My Doll Bracelet Set PERSONALIZED name American Girl

Set of 2 personalized American Girl Doll bracelets for your child and her doll. Fits most dolls.This is the perfect gift for your little girl and

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AG 18-inch Doll Tutu Tutorial

Drinking Cups | 39 American Girl Doll DIYs That Won't Break The Bank

39 American Girl Doll DIYs That Won't Break The Bank

Doll tea party ideas, crafts and food.  Perfect for your little girl's next birthday!

Looking for party ideas for girls? These Doll tea party ideas, crafts and food are some of my favorites. We enjoyed dainty food, a special doll spa time and even made new dresses for each of the party attendees. Perfect for an American Girl Doll party, b

Classic Baby Doll | Birthday Party Invitation by VivVahChey on Etsy

Classic Baby Doll Birthday Invitation | Digital Download