Sancocho is a traditional Dominican stew made from a variety of meats, typically including pork sausage as well as chops, chicken, and beef. Stewed for a few hours and thickened with butternut squash and carrot purees, this dish will have you asking for seconds.

Dominican Sancocho (Meat & Vegetable Stew)

Sancocho Recipe (Latin root vegetable stew) | Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico | Whats4Eats

Sancocho is a nourishing stew popular throughout the Latin World. It originated in Spain's Canary Islands where is is a simple and spicy fish and potato stew.

The sancocho is a stew that is traditional and very representative of the Dominican Republic. It's made with many meats and starchy tu...

Dominican Sancocho (with step by step directions with photos) and pictures of more exotic raw veggies needed

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DOMINICAN BEAN STEW (Sancocho de Habichuela) Where I come from, making a Bean Stew (Sancocho de habichuelas) automatically gives you cooking cred.

Sancocho (Puerto Rican Beef Stew) from @TheNoshery

Sancocho (Puerto Rican Beef Stew)

Sancocho is a stew enjoyed in Spanish caribbean islands. It's made of a variety of starch vegetables like yucca, plantain & potato in a savoy beef broth.

Receta Sopión o Sancocho de Habichuelas: Una gloriosa combinación de sabores dulces y picantes en un caldo riquísimo que deja a uno buscando más.

Receta Sopión (Sancocho) de Habichuelas

Sancocho de Habichuelas Recipe (Sweet and Spicy Bean Stew): also known as Sopión, this is a delightful, hearty soup that combines spicy and sweet flavors.

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Dominican Sancocho (Meat & Vegetable Stew)

Sancocho is a traditional Dominican stew made typically with seven meats, root vegetables, and lots of love! Get the delicious Sancocho recipe here!

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Special occasion food- The ultimate Dominican party food is Sancocho. Sancocho is like a stew or soup. It is made up of different types of meats and lots of vegetables. It is an old tradition and comfort food.

y a quien no le gusta un sancochito de siente  carne, acompañado con arroz , aguacate y una verde bien fría.

Receta Sancocho Dominicano de Siete Carnes

How to make Sancocho in 1 hour

How to make Sancocho in 1 hour

Dominican stew, Sancocho - a big delicious meat and veg stew used to feed large crowds of happy people!

Dominican Bean Stew (Sancocho de habichuela) /

Dominican red bean stew, better known as Sancocho de habichuelas or Sopión, is a robust, hearty dish and a true favorite of mine. This rich and spicy stew is a twist on the traditional sancocho, an…

Sancocho-This traditional soup from the island of Hispañola is one of the Dominican Republic’s national dishes

Sancocho - traditional soup from the island of Hispaniola, Dominican republic & 1 of the country's national dishes.