Donk Cars

I think this was a florida car (not sure tho) kno it used to b on dub esinem an then he jacked it up on by pix_by_nick

Donk Cars On Rims | Donk Cars

Donk Cars

The bigger the rims! The lower your class! Giant rims on a car are hideous!

crazy cars.Pretty much a BIG WASTE OF MONEY>

Awesome Cars Are Awesome…Done Without Corporate Sponsorship!

♡ something about white cars and gold rims just looks right to me ♡

Gold Trim, Molding, Grille, Dub Crown Spinners, && Gold Pearl In the Paint ! Definitely a Vert You Can't Miss !

The phase started with people using older American cars but now the trend is growing rapidly and people are making hi-risers out of just about anything.

Pictures Of The Craziest Donk Cars And High Risers 4

Big Rims - Custom Wheels - Page 6 of 384 - Only cars with big wheels allowed!..Re-pin...Brought to you by #HouseofInsurance for #CarInsurance #EugeneOregon

69 ‪‎Buick‬ ‪‎Riviera‬ on 26 inch Zig Zags Rucci Wheels - Big Rims - Custom Wheels