Door knocker...I have this exact one...guess its cool now, since I found it on Pinterest :)

One design element that I absolutely adore is a good door knocker, especially a lion head door knocker.

Lion door knocker

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Add some jewelry to your front door.

Three Tips For A Welcoming Front Door

Polished Nickel Hoop Door Knocker Knocker A simple yet stylish hoop (or 'ring') nickel plated door knocker in a traditional design that works wonderfully well on both contemporary and traditional doors.

Audrey 10/28: This picture makes me really happy - I've always loved the idea of interesting front doors and door knockers, because they can be really symbolic of the house inside. I like the mix of classic and quirky in this picture, with the old-appearing knocker being a literal key.

15 Door Knocker Designs That Make The Entrance Stand Out

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Beautiful Labrador door knocker - or you can get the real thing and the dog will let you know when someone's at your door before they even have a chance to knock.