Dota 2 new hero

#Dota 2 - Mini Radiant STR heroes by on @deviantART

Dota 2 - Mini Radiant STR heroes by spidercandy on deviantART

DotA2 Heroines by Artgerm Stanley Lau

In my country they have a fucking place filled w computers and u just pay money to get in and play dota then u dip after ur time is done like holy fuck

DotA 2 - QoP - You want me? Come get me. by MilliganVick on DeviantArt

Cosplay: Akasha - Queen of Pain from DOTA Photo by: Milligan.

Phantom Assassin Portrait by on @deviantART

Phantom Assassin Portrait by Artgerm on deviantART------ dayum!