A step by step guide to 5 ways to quickly reduce swelling after jaw surgery and facial surgery using natural supplements, vitamins, & nutrition.

Like to make your own smoothie recipes and just want a long list of superfood ingredients to choose from? Here’s a master list of superfoods, updated regularly. Did I miss any ingredients tha…

nope. this isn’t one of those recipes to help you lose weight. this one is for the extreme-picky eater in your house…especially your picky eating special needs child.  a few months ago i shared that one of our children is on the autism spectrum. PDD-NOS, to be specific, if we’re talking about where he is…

Recipe: Nutrient-Rich Shake for Picky Eaters

high-calorie nutrient-dense milkshake for your picky eating special needs child (Chocolate Milkshake Kids)

Double jaw surgery blog: she makes an entry every day after surgery to track the recovery process. It begins with preparing for the surgery and why she's doing it. Really cool to watch her face change every day!

Ok so I've got everything prepped and ready to go for tomorrow. I attempted to wrap everything up at the office for the much anticipated 2 w.

My Awful Open Bite - The Road to Jaw Surgery: My jaw surgery must-haves

My Awful Open Bite - The Road to Jaw Surgery: My jaw surgery must-haves

Jaw Surgery Recovery Essentials | Sydney Jones - YouTube

I'm back showing you some of my must-haves for a smooth jaw surgery recovery :) I am almost 8 weeks post-op in two days, and I am starting to.

Double Jaw Surgery (a.k.a. Orthognathic Surgery) - Fantastic, informative, well-written blog about going through upper and lower jaw surgery.

Great Jaw surgery recovery tips timeline (Double Jaw surgery in January! Time to get my post op kit together and recipes for smoothies! I'll be WIRED closed for TWELVE WEEKS!

Jaw Surgery Timeline: Jaw Surgery Recovery Timeline

Surgery Day: Expect to be eating or drinking through a syringe or straw depending on your surgeons instructions When you wake up from .