I think every man should have a well-tailored suit. It does wonders.

The whole "Every man needs a well-tailored suit". And the fact that it's Tom Felton helps, too.

#dracomalfoy so freaken intense i love it

Draco Malfoy is definitely one of my favourite fictional character. He is so much more than just a villain.

10+ Harry Potter Tumblr Posts That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At If You're A Potterhead

10+ Harry Potter Tumblr Posts That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At If You’re A Potterhead

All About Draco Malfoy Mobile

All About Draco Malfoy Mobile ~ Fun fact: Draco and I are both Gemini's - Jolee

Is This What Draco Malfoy Is Truly Afraid Of?

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aw, my poor baby :( Draco needs someone to love him. He's so misunderstood. But lol Blaise and Harry being naughty.

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Harry Potter Headcanons - 1. Teddy Lupin and the Mirror of Erised

If all dementors looked like that I would not want to go to Azkaban. But I do like Tom Felton. Just in the movies he's an ass

I would give almost anything for this!!!!

YES PLEASE. Or Luna's. Or Ron's. Or Hermione's. Or Ginny's. Or Fred and George's. That would make them ten times funnier.<<<< no Lee Jordan should do it and he would be aware it was a book and he would commentate for like Harry eating breakfast

The TRUE about Draco Malfoy

Yes, I'm a Harry Potter fanatic. And yes, I've ALWAYS loved Draco. Truth :) "I hear "Draco as the boy who made all the wrong choices" a lot, but I honestly beleive: Draco is the boy.who never got a choice" . EVERYONE should have a choice.

Plus I'm pretty sure the sorting hat made a mistake. Hermione should have been sorted to Slytherin. I mean, everything about her is dedication and greatness!

I don't ship Hermione and Draco, but I don't think Draco was a bad kid