Sito's tail is long and strong, but tapers to a point, not the traditional diamond/arrowhead shape

The Girl and her Dragon

just a panel from issue 1 of ravine but makes for a kinda cool vertical piece and as far as the title goes, well, it has to do with the story so imma le. ravine- i will miss all this

They will meet the TRUE Faerie Queene. And it will not be a good day (remainder of life) for them.

44 Most Fabulous 3D Fantasy Art Works / Фото #1 - Коллекция "Фарфоровая жизнь при дворе Малиновой Королевы" - alismaks

Dress by Alice Maximova, Corset by Andrew Kanounov "Porcelain Life at the Court of the Crimson Queen" Estet Fashion Week 2014

hatteeho: "LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN I DREW FOR @ohmyarda!! Igmil, a Numenorean Priestess in a Temple of Melkor, and Tinwё, a Teleri mariner. Thank you for amazing commission, dear"

Priestess in a Temple of Melkor,.don't think you could look more Cersei. Possible 'badie' of "Two sides of the same Tsun", Some part of the Ethereal Isles

The elf in awe of the wee little Dragon.

M y t h i c a l : A love of dragons * Dragon Girl by *nell-fallcard*

I don't really get why the dragons are all different ages, but it's a really nice piece of artwork.

The Stormborn - by Iqnatius Budi “A fan art for Game of Thrones as part of GoT tribute held by Glitch Singapore”

Elven supremacists, Dalish warriors who have moved into the city and work to terrorize humans for the centuries of humiliation elves have been put through. Description from I searched for this on

It's been a long time guys, too long maybe Some concept art that i did for a prototype, she's a warrior that wears Dragon skin! View the Promotional poster here ->

Dragon Lady by DreadJim on DeviantArt

Yin Yang Beauty and the Beast/Yin & YangDragon creature and it's companion. The light and Dark in a miraculous, almost impossible scenario whereby the opposing forces protects each other.

Dragon Lady Waist Cincher black #style #fashion #black

Dragon Lady Waist Cincher black: I'm drawn to this only because of the dragon association, I was born on the year of the dragon.