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#Careergirl: Start A Business From Your Bedroom With No Budget

lady drinking tea #camillestyles #blackandwhite

Hello & Goodbye

Ok, I just have to say that curlers NEVER look this nice and put together in the morning for me. But, the idea of drinking tea with perfect curlers in your hair is nice.

Anna Karina style coffee. Drinking big cups of coffee like in the 50's

A pink flower in red hair is just gorgeous. love her hair! braid black and white, photography, coffee, cup Natural Hair Pictures

Power of Individualism: freedom to express themselves through fashion and through coffee

take five with reiss (Frassy)

Fancy - Fray Leather Biker Jacket by Reiss. I love this because it looks like the one Tilda Swinton wears in Only Lovers Left Alive, and I just want to live inside that movie.

Najlepsze stylizacje blogerek [październik 2016], Kasia Szymków

glasses glasses New Designer Woman Glasses Optical Frames Metal Round Glasses Frame Clear lens Eyeware Black Silver Gold Eye Glass

Marilyn Monroe drinking coffee  Love Coffee - Makes Me Happy https://www.pinterest.com/lahana/mugs-cups-and-drinkware/

Coffee Makes Me Happy Tee

Marilyn Monroe as she appeared during an interview to celebrate her return to Century Fox. Photo by John Florea, April


Fall Inspiration

Oh, how I would love to be able to walk the house in a warm sweater, when no one is there, and make myself a cozy cup up tea or coffee :).

This type of shot, but looking at me.

Pictures:Style:Morning! (Pictures Of Style)

totally crushing on this man shirt. this is the epitome of classic simple perfection. coffee, shirt, hair, black and white photography = perfection.

I could still see her.  I'd been watching her all morning.  My office faced the coffee shop, and hers was the only face that stuck out to me.  She sat and read, never once knowing how cute she was when she smiled at the book, or how her beauty shown through when she wiped away a tear and flipped the page.  She never once looked up, and I never once looked away.

Sitting in a little cafe in the city, sipping coffee, reading a book and watching the world whiz by along with the smell of java beans wafting through the air.

George Harrison, Richard Starkey, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney drinking tea through the years

The Beatles in color: Unseen photos

"Cup o' tea? Yes I would love a cup o' tea." Paul: Well I didn't ask you but would you like a cup of tea? "Yes I would love a cup of tea.

Coffee break

Reclaiming The Lost Art Of Conversation

“The “Wanderlust Food Diaries”: . “Innuendo” (a Cyber Coffee Shop for “Clever Conversation”) . On the menu: Coffee, Tea, and “Crumpets”

Find a place where you can sit down and enjoy a cuppa -

Why You Should Move To A New City Where You Don't Know A Single Soul