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I don't wanna remember this pain and this sadness or numbness. I just wanna forget all happened in my fcking life.

Quote: She's not getting drunk for the hell of it. She's getting drunk to numb the hell of it.

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Let's get drunk together so i can kiss you and then blame it on the vodka // Relationship Goal

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I will get drunk and kiss strangers and I will dance all night with my friends. I will cry for you on the kitchen floor but I won't ask you to come back.

Let's get drunk!

Or blame it on everyone in her life! That's what narcs and sociopaths do to play victim

Yes, been in the land of Misfits for years, maybe thats the problem?♡She was a wild child always stealing the stars and getting drunk on the souls of earthbound misfits

I mean, yup - things became ugly - stuff got messy - but we were so damn close to each other - I just want to have one CONVERSATION. Cry my heart out.


I wonder whose arms would I run and fall into if I were drunk in a room with everyone I have ever loved [ quote it ]

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