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Rock Paracord - How to Make a Duck Call Lanyard - YouTube...USES a Round 4 strand braid.

A lanyard isn’t only for duck calls. You can put forceps, a compass, sunglasses, and even a cell phone on a lanyard.

Custom Duck Call Lanyard by BarrysParacord on Etsy

Custom Duck Call Lanyard Goose Call Lanyard made by BarrysParacord

I've got a lot on my mind today. My dog has gone missing as of last night and I'm worried sick. I thought I'd post a duck call lanyard display that I did for a gentleman in Illinois. Our dogs mean so much to us...especially to a duck hunter and family man. Friend companion protector hunting buddy...they are that and so much more to us. Whether you're a hunter or not take a couple extra minutes to pet your dog a little more today. I'm hoping mine will turn up. . . . . #woodwork #woodworking…

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