tastes like home: A Duck Curry Competition

Cooking competitions have only become popular for the past several years in the Caribbean. We are more into food fairs. In countries with l.

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Indian-style vegetable curry Today’s recipe of the day is a speedy one-pot curry bursting with aromatic Indian spice and winter vegetables.

Australian Gourmet Traveller recipe for red duck curry by Hungry Duck restaurant in Berry, NSW.

Red duck curry

This fiery red duck curry from Hungry Duck in Berry is strong on cinnamon and star anise, which give a wonderful complexity.

I call it "Mumbai" because what I made is inpired by a dish I had in, you guessed it, Mumbai!

Mumbai style chicken with rice pilaf

Parsi Green Chicken Curry

Just like the Thai, we too have the Parsi Green Curry. Considered to be the poor cousin of the red curry, it's a sinful curry to have with fish.

Hyderabadi Chicken biryani recipe - Step by step with pictures how to make delicious Hyderabadi - style chicken biryani.

Chicken biryani recipe – Hyderabadi-style chicken biryani

indian-inspired-chicken-kabobs-118263 Image 1

A spicy mix of curry, cumin, sour cream and cucumbers gives these chicken kabobs their Indian-inspired flavor.

The secret to this rich curry is a homemade spice paste made with toasted coconut.

Goan coconut chicken curry

The secret to this rich curry is a homemade spice paste made with toasted coconut.

Thai green chicken curry (I just leave out the baby sweet corn)

Thai green chicken curry

This spicy Thai-style green curry with tender chicken thigh fillets, eggplant and baby corn will warm you up inside and out on cold winter nights.

Kombdi Rassa / Spicy Chicken Curry (Maharashtrian Style) | Spicy-Aroma

Serving for - 3 Ingredients Chicken - 500 gm (Cut into medium sized pieces and wash into warm water) Onion (Small sized) -.