Colorful hair, red and blue tips, colored hair, blonde, red tips, blue tips

Different Ways To Dye Bleached Hair

Hair inspiration: diped dyed, turquoise tips.

Why I Love Vintage Vandalizm in Betsey Johnson

Hair inspiration: diped dyed, turquoise tips. Only dye bottom layer and leave top layer alone

I love how subtle this one is

Splash of Color (Irrelephant)

Color blocking is in. So why not do it with your hair? We used our models ombred purple hair to create a color blocked updo! Adding a pop of color like this is a great way to change your style.

Been really wanting to add some color into my hair! I think the trend is great!

50 Trendy Ombre Hair Styles - Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Women

Not yet brave enough to do this myself, but I love it! Beautiful dip dye with brown hair. I love these colors!

Elleanor in Harajuku w/ Colorful Hair, Himitsu Kessya, Creamy Mami & Betty Boop Rainbow Bob Harajuku Hairstyle – Tokyo Fashion News

Dip Dyed Bob, color just the very tips of your bob cut, use several colors to make it even more intriguing

Pastel Hair Color Ideas

28 Cool Pastel Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Unlike some of the other rainbow hair trends, denim hair is perhaps the most versatile and wearable colours that any one can pull off.

Maybe I'll do this to the last bit of bleach when I've almost grown out my hair!

Ombre hairstyles are the latest trend. If your new to ombre hair and want to try something new the best thing to do is subtle dip dye on your hair. Your new ombre hairstyle will be subtle and easy to adjust to.