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Clues for a "Counting by Tens" puzzle hunt. scavenger hunt clues to lead kids to baggies of 10 puzzle pieces each. kids can count the puzzle pieces by and then have fun putting puzzle together.

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Make more camp-friendly and mature for DMs Scavenger hunt for surprise for kids. Modify for Elf on the Shelf to deliver clues for Disney trip or any other trip!

Clues and activities for a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt the whole family can enjoy! Each stop on the scavenger hunt includes a Thanksgiving-related task - my family will love this!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Easter scavenger hunt for this year. There will be chocolate involved as well.:

This resurrection eggs scavenger hunt combines the fun of an easter egg hunt with the challenge of knowing the Easter story.

This is the best Christmas Treasure Hunt out there! Hurry and print out these free printables! #happythoughts #christmas #treasurehunt

The Ultimate Christmas Treasure Hunt + free printable

This is the perfect Christmas Treasure Hunt to add to your holiday fun! This activity is has songs, crafting, sweets and that special Christmas mystery!