Potato Pancakes using frozen hashbrowns

Shredded Potato Cakes

Shredded Potato Cakes Recipe -Preparing traditional potato pancakes can be a time-consuming process.so you'll really relish this recipe. By using frozen hash browns, these "spudtacular" hot-off-the-griddle pancakes are ready in a hurry!

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crunchy potato cakes

Crunchy Potato Cakes {po' man meals} "no need for ihop hash browns. this crunchy goodness you can make at home!

Potato and Cheese Latkes

Potato and Cheese Latkes-Creole Contessa. Made two batches of them using fresh (not frozen) potatoes. Second batch added salt to help drain the moisture, and that was a game changer. Delicious with just enough heat!

Potato Latkes Recipe from AllWhites and Better'n Eggs, wanna tryvthis with shredded sweet potato

Simply Potatoes makes a quick version of the traditional Jewish potato pancake, served during Chanukah. This Fast Potato Latkes Recipe is a light and fluffy, low calorie version of this tasty snack.

Latkes hack :) USE frozen hash brown potatos NO GRATING!

I love making latkes. But I loathe grating potatoes and cleaning the food processor and making a starchy mess in the kitchen. And I bet you do, too. For those who want to fry up some latkes but cut…

Potato Latkes Recipe - Hashbrowns Deliciously Quick and Easy!

Potato Latkes Hash Browns Potato Pancakes Whatever You Call Them In Your Home Made Deliciously Quick and Easy With This Great Recipe!

Preparing traditional potato pancakes can be a time consuming process....so youll really relish this recipe.  Thats because theres no need to grate potatoes.  By using frozen hash browns(or even quicker to use refrigerated shredded hash browns), these spud-tacular palate-pleasing pancakes are ready in a hurry!  Recipe from TOH.  I sometimes add some cheddar cheese in with the mixture.

Potato Pancakes (Quick Version)

Preparing traditional potato pancakes can be a time consuming process.so youll really relish this recipe.

This easy Lithuanian kugelis recipe is speeded up because it's made with frozen hash brown potatoes.

Savory Potato Pudding

This easy Lithuanian kugelis recipe is speeded up because it's made with frozen hash brown potatoes.

Crisp wedges of a potato pancake make for a pleasant break from routine side dishes. #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo

Potato-Chive Pancake

Potato pancakes from Martha Stewart consists of 1 bag ounces) frozen hash brown potatoes, thawed 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives or scallions Coarse salt and ground pepper 3 tablespoons olive oil

Super Simple Latkes (Potato Pancakes)This latkes recipe from Food.com calls for frozen shredded potatoes so youll save time in the kitchen.

Super Simple Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

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THE RESULTS: These are great if you're looking to save time. I used frozen hash browns from Trader Joe’s, and about five frozen patties made a big plate of latkes. The Tater Tot version didn’t taste exactly like traditional potato pancakes with their wispy, crisp edges and tender center. (They were much thicker and chewy all around.) But with a dollop of sour cream and chives on top, they were really tasty. After making regular latkes, I can definitely see the appeal in skipping the potato…

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These delicious potato fritters are the perfect breakfast addition and easy to make with frozen hash browns.

Parjoale Moldovenesti

Romanian Moldavian breaded meat patties or hamburgers are known as parjoale and can be made from beef, pork, lamb or a mixture of meats.

My grandmother made latke or potato pancakes for us.  If they had sold frozen hash browns in her day she would have been one of the first to use it.  She loved all the new convenience foods.  I remember when she bought her first bugles and tang and she just loved to cook with tomato soup.  I think she stayed awake at night dreaming up ways to use it.

Quick and Easy Potato Latke with Dill Sauce